Thursday, January 5, 2012

Konami files - part 3

Halfway through our collection of downloads, and this is where things start to get really interesting.

I'm following a few internet threads on this, and I'm not entirely sure how speculation ended up on the Metal Gear files pertaining to MG projects which were scrapped. If a game is scrapped why would they have someone officially localise it? Think more along the lines of released games, but early drafts prior to changes being made.
In fact the Shadow of Destiny / Memories release should give you a taste of what to expect.

This goes alongside our rather excellent feature on the games, by Derboo.

I was tempted to give the clues yesterday that it's by Konami, begins with the letter S and has a supernatural theme to it, but I didn't want to upset the Silent Hill fans (have you read my other interview, with SH bits?).

Anyway, if you've not played the time travelling, Groundhog's Day style adventure by Konami, you totally should. It's great.

The files in particular are interesting since they show how the script changed and, given the complexity of the story, you can now rifle through each of the timeline arcs and multiple endings with ease. Plus there is the Japanese should you wish to compare it. As a fan of the game I think it's great.

The files are presented as I received them. There might be some duplicates, but I didn't want to change anything in case something interesting was inadvertently lost. You can open them with Notepad++, or for files with Japanese script, MS Word can open them and convert all the script into Japanese characters. Play around with them, or use Windows search tool to find specific pieces of text in each of the files.

Enjoy! A Feral Beer batch of files will drop tomorrow or possibly Monday, depending on how lazy I am, and the interview with final and best file drop will come out in a few weeks once we have the CMS worked out. Possibly. It all depends.


  1. Very nice. This is a criminally underplayed game anyway (as are many good adventure games that appear on consoles). Looking for changes should be interesting considering the cause-and-effect aspect of the game, and I'm definitely up for delving into the different timelines.

  2. Ah Shadow of destiny... I so wanted to play this when i saw it in EGM all those years ago...

    And then, one day it was on play asia for PSP, once it arrived on on my door step the afternoon was gone... Need to work on the alternate timelines at some point.

  3. "If a game is scrapped why would they have someone officially localise it?"

    Because sometimes the scrapping part happens POST-localization for any number of reasons. I still have my review builds of Rent-A-Hero #1, Dinosaur Hunting and have played a bunch of other games (Blade Arts, Remote Control Dandy, etc.) that were in the process of being translated for the US market.

    All of these games were canned (which stinks royally for gamers), but game code and any localization work (unless it's destroyed completely) exists out there somewhere (as you have fortunately seen for yourself)...

  4. i really have always wished they whould make another one of these as beautifully done and continuing eik somehow love this game so much and played it a thousand times getting all the endings several times i just want more i love the charachters and the settings beautifull pictures and full voiceover its like reading a great book and being in it . i even tried too write kunami once with ideas and requests for a continuing story but my request never got filled so sadley i go on wishing ther were more for all those who love this game please go too shadow of destiney lovers community on facebook and click like , i just started it about a month ago havnt got many but a few likes hope too build more someday thanks for the review . if you have any pull on here i whould still greatly apreciated if you might be able too reburth the idea.also i think that should have a download on the playstation network for the ps3.thanks for the review