Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nintendo Power Retrospectives - Part 25

With the term over, I'm getting back to the series with a look at Nintendo Power's second strategy guide issue, covering Ninja Gaiden 2

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A new Kenji Eno game

Last year I had the good fortune to interview Katsutoshi Eguchi, friend and colleague of the late Kenji Eno. Along with other colleagues, they're planning to create a game (in fact, several games) based on the ideas of Mr Eno which were never fulfilled. They're using Japanese crowd-funding platform Motion-Gallery, and in a few days have nearly reached the halfway point. A detailed explanation of the game in English is HERE. If you want to support the project, HERE are step-by-step instructions, in English, for navigating the Japanese menus. Even if you don't back the project, I think it's worth spreading the word and talking about this. It's a significant event in games history. Films and books have been published after the creator had passed away - but I personally cannot think of an example in videogames. Furthermore, Mr Eno himself is legendary for his maverick ideas. This is the same developer who created a purely audio-only game, Real Sound, which could be enjoyed by blind people. Meanwhile his trilogy of horror games are cult classics - if you've never played D, Enemy Zero, or D2, it's worth reading HG101's article on them. Personally I'm excited about KAKEXUN, not only because of this game, but what it means as a precedent. As Mr Eguchi explained, there were many ideas which Mr Eno had documented in great detail but never made use of.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

GC9X Livestream: Please Register Your Shareware



Next Saturday, fire up NetZero, crank up your Linkin Park CDs, and check your ICQs for the next GC9X livestream! This time around, we're focusing on the many, many shareware games floating across the internet, and we'll be getting together taking a look at them!

The good...

The bad...

And my favorite type, the strange and obscure!

Using the combined powers of DOSBox for DOS games and Oracle VM VirtualBox for Windows 95, 98, and beyond, we'll be playing through 1,000 GREAT GAMES!* I'm busy gathering up any shareware compliation CDs I can find, so that together we can see what kind of stuff we can find on these things. So, while I'm collecting games, if you have any special requests, PLEASE put them in the thread, so I can collect them and play them live on stream for you!

It all begins Saturday, March 22nd, 10 PM EST/9 PM CST! But remember, you can only watch us 5 more times before you have to pay for our extra features. (Note: This is not actually true. ...Yet.)

The link, once the stream begins, will be found here:

* We won't actually play 1,000 games. And they're not all great. We can't even promise all of these will work.

EDIT: I made a small error on the time the stream starts, so I want to apologize for this. I meant to say 10 PM EST, or 9 PM CST.