Friday, January 6, 2012

Sakura Wars Officially Localized... in Russia

Mad props to Mym at RPGFan for bringing this to my attention, and sharing the screens.

It is as great as it sounds.

Don't know if it's been mentioned here already, but interestingly a company called Akella actually localised the PC ports of the first two games into Russian a number of years back. My Russian isn't really good enough to judge how good the translation is, but either way I thought it was kind of cool!

This may be more viable than playing it in Japanese.

Well, somewhat.


  1. Now that's pretty cool. Akella's been around for a while as a developer/publisher ( notable for a few European type RPG's, strategy games and other genres. I remember them from the Sea Dogs games, the second of which was changed into the Pirates of the Caribbean RPG published by Bethesda in 2003. They also did Disciples III, a turn-based strategy game which was buggy as hell (like Pirates was) but interesting in a few areas...

  2. Um...the images are gone.

  3. screenshots need rehosting

  4. Xa-xa-xa!

    I think it means Hahaha! :P This is odd as Cannon Fodder 3 being outsourced to a russian company...

  5. Да вот только жаль Акелла это дело забросила, и остальные части не локализовала ((