Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Konami Files - part 2

After the amount of publicity this suddenly got, and sadly a few people complaining that it'll be a let down, I've decided to release this stuff early. Are we yielding to mob rule? You betcha.

Firstly, I don't know why some assumed it would be Policenauts. I feel the original entry made it clear these were for games already localised, and therefore published. Also, after sudden Facebook and Twitter messages, I should say it's neither Jeremy Blaustein nor Marc Laidlaw. Our mystery revealer of secrets has no noticeable internet presence for games - at least not yet.

Anyway, the manuals went up first because they're not that exciting, and Hybrid Heaven went alongside because we don't yet have a site article on it. Next two are titles we do have site articles for, in ascending order of interest.

Today's release:
Azure Dreams

I'm presuming it's the GBC version. We also have a site article on the games.
It's not the biggest release in our collection, but it's still pretty neat. Next (maybe tomorrow) is another game already on the site, available for PS2, Xbox, PSP and PC. This one I'm really fond of - but even this isn't the big stuff.

The third release is... Well, let's just say it rhymes with feral beer. Now if that doesn't convince you of what we have, nothing will. The fourth and final release has no site article and I'm going to hold on to until the interview is up. Let's just say it's the coolest and worth waiting for, alongside the megaton feature it corresponds with.

HG101 is undergoing a new CMS, which has been mentioned on our forum, but with any luck it'll be in place within a few weeks, and the interview and final file drop will be there to inaugurate it. Stay tuned.

Also, on a personal note, for those hoping it was Suikoden related, I feel your pain. The first two are, hands down, my favourite PS1 RPGs from the era. Vagrant Story and certain other Square RPGs get more publicity, but we know where it's at, right? Suikoden all the way. I did ask, but our interviewee was not involved with either title.


  1. I've always heard that Policenauts was possibly localized, but not released, so maybe that is why people are asking.

    What CMS? Is there a mobile style for the new site? I think HG101, would benefit.

  2. Other Life: Azure Dreams for the Gameboy Color translation files? HG101 has made my year, and it's only January 4th.

    This is fantastic stuff. Thanks HG101!

  3. Could it be Scott "Quasimodo" Dolph? I'm excited regardless.

  4. "Feral Beer," eh...
    Can't think of a Konami franchise with a name like that *at all*...
    [expectations raised]

  5. Is the mystery guy Gregory Harsh, the translator for Hybrid Heaven?


  6. Ah, I see Shadow of Memories is coming up...

  7. Okay, so obviously MGS is part of this, but will there be pre-9/11 MGS2 content?

  8. CMS= Content Management system??