Thursday, January 26, 2012

PixelJunk games for $1.20 / £0.80

Q-Games of the PixelJunk series of PSN games is having an insanely good Japanese PSN special at the moment. All of their old games for 100 Yen each. That's about $1.20 or 80 British pennies. Log on to the Japanese PSN and find the Q-Games campaign tab. You've got PJ Racers, Eden, Monsters, Shooter and Shooter 2. If you buy a 1000 Yen card off eBay you can pick up nearly their entire back catalogue, plus have change for a PS1 game! Also, while you're on the JPN PSN, grab the demo for Armored Core V before they remove it.


  1. Woohoo! I have just enough money in my Japanese account to buy them all! (I won't get PJ Racers, I don't like racing games)

    I tried the Japanese demo of PJ Shooter and it looks like the game is set to whichever language your PS3 is set to, so it looks like you don't have to worry about language at all!

  2. And to think I was worried I might never find something to do with that spare 200 Yen that's been sitting in my JP account for the better part of a year!

  3. What I MUST have are the Dark Souls custom themes.

    (And that Demon's Souls Nexus one. Rowr.)