Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well now i'm totally excited for Binary Domain

EDIT: Now with fresh commentary.

Yes my title is sarcastic.  I always find it fascinating they get random talento or celebrities to play game to...sell the game I guess?  I've never quite figured out what the purpose of that was.  I'm pretty sure actually zero people have ever bought a game from this.  Heck the fantasticly gay man openly states, "I suck at video games."  I linked this with the idea that the audience couldn't understand Japanese but could still draw everything they need from it.  

Neither of these guys are good at video games (so why are they showcasing them?)  Binary Domain has to be being made with a Western focus (because TPS and FPS games never sell well in Japan.) Again why showcase a game so incredibly poorly?

There's the ability to give squad commands voice which really games should have had since TC's Endwar.  That's kind of neat.  Nothing in the videos makes me think it's used in a neat way.  On the other hand, the levels definitely seem more open than something like Gears.  So maybe you can have your teammates flank enemies.  That's entirely dependent on friendly AI being good which is just about never.  The enemies don't give the impression of being fun to fight by themselves.  The levels are more open but nothing about that aesthetic does it for me.

While it's trying by all impressions it's still failing as a TPS.  I understand the need to appeal to Western markets, which this video doesn't do.  I understand Japanese developers trying to show that TPS games are fun to Japanese people, which this video also doesn't do (or I would hope so.)


  1. What are these videos even about? Is there some gimmick I'm missing?

  2. So Shiro Tsubuyaki and Chris Matsumura do some running commentary on Binary Domain as they play it for the first time.

    And... your point is what exactly? Japanese PR isn't XTREME enough for you?

    How about in your next blog post you actually, you know, make an actual blog post? Linking a couple Youtube videos and making a snarky title about shit you don't understand is just a waste of everyone's time.

    The other blog authors such as Sketcz, Discoalucard, and Cj_iwakura put time and effort into making interesting and thoughtful content. Frankly this blog would be better off without you.

  3. This should be fun!

  4. Cold coming with the harshness, jesus.

    You definitely made the OP look like a real turkey!

  5. Oh hey people made comments! I actually don't really see the point in posting commentary about this. I suppose I am wrong!

    Comment demand means I have no filled my post with a healthy dose of commentary.

  6. Only watched the first one, but that was actually quite entertaining. Seeing someone who, as he says himself, usually only plays Baseball games and is not interested in a game like BD get into the game so much that he completely forgets everything around him and 2 hours pass without him realizing it...sounds like gaming to me!