Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update - 11/21 - Submission Guidelines posted, earn a bit of cash to write for us!

HG101 now has posted Submission Guidelines on the main page. In general this is just a revised version of the writing guide that's been posted in the forums for a few years, but it also includes information about article bounties. There are tons of topics that HG101 hasn't touched on, but we would love to have covered. If you're an expert in these topics and feel like picking up a bit of extra cash, read them over and write in. If you have an idea for something that isn't listed, that's cool too, drop us a line anyway!

Some of the bounties currently up are:

Last Armageddon
Various Cave Shooters (Dangun Feveron)
Sakura Wars
Secret of Mana
Shiren the Wandered/Mysterious Dungeon
Kenka Banchou
Various Falcom games not already covered.

Feel free to suggest others, we're always adding to it!


  1. Clock Tower saga is uncovered so far.

  2. I can write part of a Mystery Dungeon/Shiren article, but I don't speak or read much Japanese and the games are so language dependent that I can only really cover the ones with language patches. I've already written extensively on the original Torneko and Shiren 1 SNES and DS. Should I go ahead and contribute what I'm able?

  3. @John
    I'd really need all games covered for those...there might be some FAQs for some of them, though.
    Clock Tower is in the works!

  4. Will you take one-shots? I would love to write an article about Tin Star.

  5. personally i wanna see an article on teasure of the rudras

  6. I'd love to see articles on the Bubble Bobble and GigaWing series.

  7. OK, when you say Secret Of Mana, do you mean that one game or the whole Mana franchise? Because I could do that one game, but you'll need to look elsewhere for the whole thing.

  8. Just wanted to say in advance, good luck on finding a writer for Sakura Wars, and I seriously mean that. I'd like to know about the other games.

    PS Can I do an article for The World Ends With You? Probably not for any money, but I don't care one way or the other, really. I could also probably make some comparisons to Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories.

  9. Ace Combat and Riiiiiiidge Raaaaaccccceeeerr! I'd LOVE to help write and provide all info necessary, especially for AC3, for wnich I nave a blog, be sure to check it out!

  10. @Refa: Mana would need the whole franchise covered.

  11. Hey, how about Tomba! (and Tomba! 2) for the ps1 ?
    I always thought as sort of under apreciated.
    I did some research on Whoope Camp but couldn't find much...

  12. I am huge fan of Deathsmiles. Would you like an article on the series?

  13. I recently picked up a Russian copy of Sakura Wars I and II so If there isn't a more competent write who knows Japanese I'll work on it. There weren't any releases of III or IV in any language I know though... Perhaps if someone has those I'd be happy to cooperate.

  14. @ZagZagovich
    It was translated into Russian?!? I'm guessing it's the PC version? I would really need a single person to cover the whole series, but that's interesting to know!
    If you can cover both Deathsmiles and get screens from them I would be down with that, just let me know.
    @V. Lino
    One of the editors here expressed in interest in covering Tomba so that may be forthcoming.

  15. I know it's Nintendo's third biggest franchise, and covered everywhere on the net, but I would love to see HG101's take on a Metroid compliation. I might just be able to swing it, too, if I wasn't piled with so much work crap right now (I write for a living too...just don't spell for a living :P). - Ill

  16. just a quick note that sin & punishment should be moved to series instead of individual games, since both games are covered now

  17. Growlanser ( since Langrisser has been made ) would be nice.

  18. How much time can we spend on the articles? I could write something on the Lufia series, but might need a longer time frame.

  19. @DragonSpikeXIII:

    A Ridge Racer article might be quite interesting. Back in the days of the PS1, RR was a major franchise, but in the last 10 years, it has fallen out of favour with the general gaming public.

    The article would have tobe massive, though. Seven numbered installments on the home systems, plus games on N64, DS, PSP, iPhone...not to mention the arcade-only Ridge Racer 2, the related Rave Racer (never ported, but the tracks were used in some of the recent games), and possibly even R: Racing Evolution.

  20. i was coming here with the same proposal as johnh... are you the guys who write for gamesetwatch? if you are i'm that jerks that was ultra precise about the DS change's from the original

    kurt - kinda unrelated to this blog post but i tought you might be interessed for your adventure article...

    did you know that one of chunsoft VN got recently translated? it's called 999,while not exactly old school i think it really would fit the site

    also not to throw a wrench on the idea but shiren 5 for the DS is going to get released in a while... maybe you should include that in the bounty description? or why you don't change the bounty to just dragon quest mysterious dungeon game? there are only 4 of them and 1 has an official release and another a fantranslation so it would be a lot easier to cover

  21. I'm trying to get a copy of 999 for the site to cover, it sounds REALLY cool.

    Lufia is taken, going to revise and add to the bounty section when I get the chance shortly.

    Anyway ideally I'd wanted all of the Mysterious Dungeon games covered at some point, but if anyone would be willing to concentrate on a specific series I'd be good with that too, since it's really, really broad.

  22. @Discoalucard
    Great, i hope it comes out.

  23. @Discoalucard
    Yes. A company called Akella a few years back translated Sakura Wars I and II. It's kind of a shoddy translation but it's completely playable. They are somewhat of a third rate publisher, doing seemingly everything they can but never spending too much time on anything more than bare minimum so there are a lot of grammatical mistakes and some things are close to being nonsense. I'd be happy to write about those two after I finish up on 999. Just got a copy of it and it's really good.

  24. I have always been surprised that there has not been any Shining Force coverage around here.

  25. ehy kurt i kinda sucks at writing but i was thinking i might try to do the boktai bounty later on the road since i've played them all AND megaman battle network too if you are ok with that....

  26. @anon1
    If your blog comments are any indication, you may want to practice your writing skills a bit.
    Shining Force is a ridiculously huge series and I'm not sure where the real ones start and where they end. I've sorta wanted to have it covered but would need to break it into chunks (the first person dungeon crawlers, the SRPGs, the wankfests, the I missing any of them?) Plus Sega seems to slap "Shining" on any grand old thing these days.

  27. Are you interested in some coverage of the Golden Sun games? Of course, I'd have to play the 3rd one, but I'm pretty knowledgable about the first 2.

  28. King's Field series with Eternal Ring, Shadow Tower & Demon's Souls maybe?

  29. I mentioned it to Kurt a while back over on GAF, but an article on the Ogre series would be fantastic, and really fit in well with the site.

  30. There's one in the works, hopefully for when the Tactics Ogre PSP gets released in English.

    I actually kinda hated the original version, but the PSP rebalances to the point where it's not only playable, but AMAZING.