Friday, November 12, 2010

Update - 11/13 - Spellcasting, Data East Commando Games

First off, thanks everyone for your donations! (An extra special internet high five to the guy who gave us $5.73! We're big Konami fans around here, you see.) The first part of HG101's Operation: Get It Together is to keep a better update schedule, so this will be a weekly thing going forward, instead of, you know, monthly-ish. We're also going to be tinkering around with the design a bit until we're happy - as you can see, we've gone back to the Arial font. Also, keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks because we'll be soliciting contributions shortly, once we've formalized the submission procedure and article requirements. Premptively, if you feel like writing the hell out of an article about Ogre Battle, that's our priority - so please drop me a line if you're up for it.

This update brings a look at Legend's Spellcasting series, which is basically Harry Potter means Animal House. Except it was written years before Harry Potter was published, which sounds a little suspicious. Anyway, it's written by Steve Meretzky and all three are completely hilarious. I also wrote up a little bit about a tetralogy of Data East Commando Games. They are not technically related, but all share some common elements. At least one should ring a bell amongst classic game aficiandos - Heavy Barrel, Midnight Resistance, Bloody Wolf and Thunder Zone. Pretty good stuff all around.


  1. It's pretty well known the harry potter books are more than a little 'ripoff'-ee. but then again what isin't?

    But good to hear about the 'weekly' updates, can't wait :D

  2. Desert Assault should probably be added to the Data East Article. It's a really fun 4-player overhead view run-n-gun.

  3. Desert Assault is actually an alternate name for Thunder Zone. I think the US one.

  4. Whoops! I always knew it as Desert Assault. I skimmed the article before posting last night, but the second half of page two didn't load for me. Never mind.