Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures - Now available at Amazon Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures is now available at Amazon. For right now it's only on the US store, although I'm told it'll feed over to the UK one "eventually". This happened much quicker than I expected, so hooray! The Kindle version, I'm still working on - it requires a bit more reformatting to look right, plus it needs lots of linking for the table of contents to show up. And since there are easily over 350 different things to link...

I can't update the main pages until later today, but I'll be putting up some more adventure game related content shortly, so please keep your eyes open.


  1. Just ordered mine. 772 pages is massive! So excited and I can't wait until Tuesday to get it :D Congratulations!

  2. Ordered mine tonight!