Monday, May 24, 2010

Korean Week on the Hardcore Gaming 101 Blog

I just hit a milestone in what might turn out the most ambitious article on Hardcore Gaming 101 so far. Im now only 20 game introductions and one rewriting of the main text short of finishing part 1 of my history of Korean video games, covering the years from 1987 to 1993. As of today, I'm starting to email developers from that period in hope to get an interview or two, and I'm declaring Korean week on the blog: Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post something related to Korean gaming history every two days for the rest of the week.

The actual article (part 1) will be finished in June, though it will depend on the update schedule of HG101 when it is officially posted (as with all articles, it will be open for preview and linked in the forums as soon at it is done, though).

This is a positively insane project, but I managed to put together quite a bit so far. Some bullet-point features for the first part:

- 23 profiles of publishers and developers relevant for the period covered
- Three smaller "specials", including screenshots of more than 10 unreleased games
- A total of more than 200 short game introductions (ranging from "Another Tetris clone." to mini-reviews with multiple paragraphs, depending on the availability of the software and/or information, as well as significance and personal interest)
- The most complete (and most correct) compendium of old game consoles published in Korea, including 95 Famiclones
- A list of Korean games localized and published in other countries

So stay tuned and enjoy the coming week of Korean video game obscurities.^^


  1. Oh, i can't wait. Congrats on such and endeavour. One question: Are they called "famiclones" because they're closer to the japanese hardware? Just asking. Thanks and congrats again.

  2. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to read it.

  3. Yeah, the vast majority is based on the Famicom and compatible with that machine, although there has been around a number of "NES-clones" from Taiwan and probably South America as well.