Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HG101 Podcast Episode 6 - The Sega Master System

I love the Sega Master System. A huge chunk of that has to do with it being my own first console (not counting the household Ataris, which were technically my parents.) While its library has not aged nearly as well as the NES', there are still a number of really excellent games, and at very least, there's a lot of interesting history behind them.

So, myself, Andrew "Vysethebold" and Rob "Quickpaw" sat down to talk at length about the Sega Master System. And when I say "at length", I mean, AT LENGTH. Including music, the total running time is three and a half hours, which suggests we may have gone a bit overboard. But it's also an extremely extensive podcast, as we discuss pretty much everything related to the system - its origins, its accessories, and its most notable games, including Alex Kidd, Zillion, Wonder Boy, Miracle Warriors, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Cyborg Hunter, Fantasy Zone, and many, MANY more. (Looking back on it, we forgot to discuss Snail Maze as we mention earlier on. D'oh.) Enjoy!



  1. cool! I love your podcasts :) wish they could be more of them.

  2. As it was my first console I have a soft spot for the SMS. There were some great games on the console, I still love the bright primary color palette (as opposed to the muddier look of the NES) and it had some cool peripherals as well. Even though they were a flop, the 3D glasses actually worked.

  3. uhm...where's episodes 5... and are you on itunes?

  4. I had to run this through a compressor (in Audacity) to flatten out all of the dynamic range. Otherwise, listening to it in a car is painful, especially when you either can't hear some people talk and when others talk it blasts your ears. Plus, there's a lot of background noise when you're driving. I'm not going to link to it, as it probably will get flagged for being spammy, but Google "audacity podcast dynamic range" and there's a PDF listed with some helpful tips on sounding more professional in your podcasts.