Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back. Sort of.

I kind of feel like this right now:

Anyway, I ended up picking up a relic from Comiket 77 completely on accident over the weekend:

And the only reason why I'm posting this is because I have found another Gumi song that is good. You should listen to it. And then download these wallpapers that pretty much cover every screen size known to man at this point in history.

I have other news to report, but it's not ready yet. I blame my quad-core processor for not processing fast enough.


  1. Welcome back! I think Just Be Friends is better than this one, but it's still good. Thanks for the wallpapers! :3

  2. I admit the song's only good since the artist copied kz's voice modulation style for the song, but the other main reason why I posted this was because the illustrator did a better job than the official designer for Gumi.