Saturday, May 1, 2010

Devil Survivor Intro Video - With High Quality Music!

I really like the intro to the DS game Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor. It's remarkably simple, just some in-game images arranged like a music video, with some occasional super imposed portraits. But dammit, the song is really catchy!

Anyway, I hate listening to the incredibly low-fi version of the theme song from the DS, so I took it upon myself to record the movie from an emulator and splice in the high quality version from the soundtrack CD. This was easier said than done, given that the song was slightly chopped up for the DS game, so I needed to make the same cuts to make it sync up right. It works pretty well, though.

And yes, it is a 20 MB file for a 1 minute movie. Since I was bothering to resplice it with high quality music, I figured I'd better give it some high quality compression, the kind that'd be lost on Youtube.

Megaupload link

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  1. The intro music was also (the only thing in the game) composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya, one of the old school SMT composers, who also worked on Nocturne.