Friday, July 1, 2011

IG Magazine, French retro mag like Hardcore Gaming 101

A look at IG Magazine, a French magazine from France (as opposed to Canada). This one appearing to be a special one-off, focusing on various retro series. It’s titled “Hors-Serie 1” (Juillet/Aout 2011), implying there will be others in the future. Priced at 9.50 Euro it’s 268 pages long and printed on very nice paper. There are also NO ADVERTS. It manages to be entirely self-funded. Best of all, is it seems to take much inspiration from Hardcore Gaming 101 and Retro Gamer magazine. I haven’t gone over every page, but there doesn’t seem to be any developer interviews, meaning it’s not quite as good as HG101 and RG, and this is a shame, but otherwise it’s a lovely coffee table style bookazine. The 19 pages dedicated to sprite transformation moves in various beat-em-ups was a particular highlight.




  1. the book is, like the title said "anecdote and trivia", about special anecdote. The writter is Doc Lakav, who is prensenter on a french tv channel called No-life ( ). His emission is called Hidden palace ( ), and present unknow information about different game. This is in fact the writting version of the show. And it's very interesting.
    Sorry for the frenglish ^^ A french fan of HG101

  2. There's also the normal formulae, filled with interview and such if you want to look at it. They've actually published n°15.