Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monkeygland Sauce Competition results

The entries are in and the winners decided, in HardcoreGaming101 and MonkeyPaw Games’ competition to win copies of Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou, that meat-grilling puzzler recently available on the import PSN store. Read on to see if it’s you!

We had a tremendous amount of entries via Twitter (unsurprising considering this is the digital age), with a distinct preference for Rapid Angel (though the Yakiniku fans were still out in force). In cases where people didn’t give a preference for either game I placed them in the appropriate column that balanced things out more, thereby giving everyone a fair chance of winning something. Likewise with the dual Twitter entries. In the end everyone had one chance, with odds based on their chosen game and entry method, either email or Twitter.

First, a small sample of the creativity people showed with their entries:

Carl Salbacka
This gentleman sent in a full-blown song, complete with lyrics in both English and Japanese! Very impressive.

“If I were to have ever tasted it, I'm sure I would love Monkeygland Sauce! To prove it, I wrote this song:”

John Barnes
I like Monkeygland Sauce! It’s comfy and easy to wear!

Paul Castro Nava
No monkeys were harmed in its compilation! I love Monkeygland Sauce !!! XD

Shane Peterman
Monkeygland Sauce, I put that shit on everything. (even the laundry? – HG101)

Aaron Rieger
I love MonkeyPaw games for their commitment to bringing over games that frankly we would never know about. I also think the idea of MonkeyGland Sauce as pretty appetizing, and would gladly sample it on a burger.

Joey Cardenas
You know, as much as I love MonkeyGland sauce it makes me wonder who the first person was to think it was a good idea to squeeze monkey glands. Did this person suddenly come across a monkey while he was eating a burger and think, “Hmm, this burger’s kind of dry and...”

(SNIP! I’m not entirely sure we can get away with printing the whole of Mr Cardenas’ story unedited, but we certainly laughed reading it! – HG101)

“I'm sure the monkey came out the winner in either situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I'm grilling a Zebra leg and I hear that MonkeyGland sauce really brings out the taste of the stripes.”

Daniel Svedh
My brother and I once had a discussion about how awesome it would be if games implemented ice cream limits instead of time limits. The discussion then evolved into Burger Time being a game just like that because of the ice cream power-ups. True story.

Jason Cykiert
While I have never tried Monkeygland Sauce (and likely never will), I must say I love MonkeyPaw Games for bringing us all kinds of great games that we never would have seen (or in some cases, even been aware of) here in the west. It makes me happy to see a company willing to take a chance on stuff that’s been overlooked for years because it was “too hard” or “too Japanese” or whatever, and so I applaud them and their efforts, and say “Keep up the great work!”

Joshua Main
I am Josh Main and I love Monkeygland sauce! To show that I am a big beef fan, the main thing I watch on TV are cattle auctions. I also want the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to make their own cattle RPG. I also really like Japanese import PS games. (Josh also sent in the above pic, awesome! - HG101)

Noise Reductions
This Monkeygland Sauce is making me thirsty.

Mega Moses
I love Monkeygland Sauce! I’m literally bathing in it right now in order to gain eternal youth.
I’m up to seven glasses of it on my lunch break, God help me

Just making sure that @HG_101 and @monkeypawgames know I love Monkeygland Sauce! It truly is the Rapid Angel of sauces. #ReallyYummySauces

Neil Foster
I love Monkeygland Sauce! Dignity is thrown out the window for a contest!

Armouredpriest Chris Hopkinson
I Love a bit of Monkeygland Sauce in the mornings with my toast and escargot, and kiss my Rapid Angel on my way out.

Zombiemilkman Joseph E. Allen
I love Monkeygland Sauce! I also love Rapid Angel & the fact that said sauce isn’t what caused the Outbreak virus!

xXPoltergeistXx Paul
I love Monkeygland Sauce! I love it because it’s great for the BBQ or with chicken, pork and sausages.
No Monkeys are involved or any of their Glands! XD

I love Monkeygland Sauce! I’m growing fur where there was no fur before!

And the winners:

Jason Cykiert
Joshua Main
rogXue Justin Forsythe
Malev721 Neil Foster
manasteel88 Mana

Carl Salbacka
Shane Peterman
AmnionChorion Mike
Jeffmendoza Jeff Mendoza
KDoan90 Kevin Doan

If you entered via email I’ll be replying with your code, and if it was via Twitter check your messages!

Thank you to all who entered – now get grilling!

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