Thursday, January 13, 2011

WAHP 14 - podcast on Japanese games

Egads! It's been out a week and I missed it. That's what happens when you're working on no fewer than 6 different articles for a number of different places (HG101 included). This is the first show of the new year and I've not actually listened to it yet, but the discussion topics look good and I'm keen to hear the lists for 2010 and compare it to what I've been reading on Western forums...

As always, this is one of the best resources for news on Japan, at a time when people are not only apathetic to Japanese games, but downright hostile to those who dare claim to like them. Screw the haters I say.

Square Enix stock de-levels, social gaming infects Japan, 5pb gets far enough to come up with the name “Robotic Notes“, Square Enix has Type-0 blood, El Shaddai x Edwin jeans are the new hotness, Aksys USA set to re-slowdown Deathsmiles, JAPAN LOVES LISTS 2010!!: best selling x 25 highest fan-reviewed x highest paid men of Japan x top video game “angels“ x PS-era remakes Japan wants x most memorable consoles, Bucchake Talk (Alchemist, Hironobu Sakaguchi), Sales Updata, Coming Next, and our love notes to Ashley may have been a bit misplaced.

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    as you've mentioned schmups alot on the site, you may enjoy this site.