Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update 1/15 - War of the Dead, The Dark Eye, Metal Wolf Chaos

Three articles up for this weekend's update. Taking inspiration from a variety of horror stories and films, War of the Dead is an action-RPG that started on Japanese computers and eventually graduated to the PC Engine. I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet myself, but I also dig these sort of games with side-scrolling combat - there's more than a few resemblances to Zelda II. The Dark Eye focuses on the re-telling of a number of Edgar Allan Poe stories. This in itself is pretty cool, but it's got a totally unique, incredibly creepy visual style - most of the characters are puppets, and look pretty damn freaky. And Metal Wolf Chaos is a mecha-action game from From Software, and pretty much the only JP-exclusive Xbox title worth playing. Too bad it's so expensive. You play as the President of the United States, who defends himself from a coup by the Vice President with a gigantic robot. The dialogue is all in (really bad) English, and it's a huge shame this never came out in the US. What is also hilarious is that the Google ads seem to be calling up gun rights banners. How much more Super American could you get?

We also posted our results from the Galaxy Fight contest, and received no less than three votes for goofy sidescrolling shooter Harmful Park, so that's our Spotlight Article of the week. And Your Weekly Kusoge is Awesome Possum.


    I think... Gordon is probably named after horror director Stuart Gordon(Reanimator'85, From Beyond'86)

  2. Yeah, good call on Gordon. His films would have made just before the game's development started, so there's a definite chance they were influenced.