Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update - 1/29 - The Last Express, Cyvern, Body Harvest, Monster Maulers

I've got like three fairly sizable shooter articles coming up, but it's taking quite a long time to format and edit them, so this update will just consist of a few shorter reviews. That's okay, though, because there's still some great stuff. Good Old Games recently released The Last Express for $6, so I dug up the article for the adventure game book and posted it up. It's a bit hard to get a grips on at first, since part of the game involves being at the right place at the right time, but it's the most fascinating piece of historical fiction put into interactive form.

Other reviews include Body Harvest, the free roaming shooter from the Nintendo 64 that was the precursor to Grand Theft Auto 3; Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons, a shooter that takes the daring step to combine cyborgs and wyverns; and Monster Maulers, an interesting hybrid between a belt scrolling beat-em-up and a 2D fighter, put in the context of a sentai show and featuring a handful of Gradius cameos. Your Weekly Kusoge is Gordo 106, which is about an escaped lab monkey and is as dumb as it sounds, and we're re-featuring Hideo Kojima's Snatcher, because it's that damn good. This article was originally one of the first on the site, but I heavily reworked it last year to include tons more screenshots, so it's worth another look if you haven't visited it in awhile.


  1. Hell yes, Body Harvest! Loved that back in the day!

  2. Last Express is my favorite game ever. I'm so happy it's been rereleased!

  3. Cyvern devs Kaneko also did Bonk's Adventure for arcade, which is surely one of the best score-based platformers ever (next to Donkey Kong Jungle Beat) and is much better than the dull console Bonks. So they're okay by me.