Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Support Moon: RPG Remix Adventure 2!

This is all around the blogosphere at the moment, but it deserves an extra bit of mention, if you haven't read it already. Kenichi Nishi, one of the founders of Love-de-Lic has begun a grass roots Twitter fan campaign for a sequel to Moon: RPG Remix Adventure, a Japanese-only PSOne game. Just tweet #moon2 to show support! You can read a whole thread about the process on NeoGAF.

What is Moon? According to poster GhaleonQ, it's the greatest game yet made. I've yet to play it myself, but Bruno de Figueiredo's Love-de-Lic article here on HG101 has very kind words to say in its honor. Give it a look and show some love for excellent, overlooked Japanese games of old!


  1. Hardcore Gaming 101's blessing?! Thanks, discoalucard!

  2. I absolutely refuse to participate on Twitter, but I will show my support on this blog and in any other way possible.

    In addition to a sequel, is there any chance of a translation for the original Moon? I read the NeoGAF thread and it seemed like Nishi had no plans to commission a translation of Moon. I would love to play the original game before tackling the sequel.

  3. Success (well, as much success as is currently possible)! You're the best, Hardcore Gaming 101.

  4. @Ghaleon Q

    How about creating a fan page for this on Facebook? I would join in a heartbeat!