Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boku no natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 8 + 9

In order to give yesterday's doujin post more time at the top, I've consolidated days 8 and 9 into one. Also, I will be stopping the diary at 14 - 2 weeks in, and halfway through the game. Hopefully someone, somewhere, now has enough of an interest in the series to give it a try. Mostly, I'm finding it frustrating having to play each day with a pen and pad and my camera.

Sunday 8 August. Made it for exercise. Then breakfast. Grandpa said there’d been bear sightings in the area.
So aunty gave me a bear whistle - for emergency use only!

One of the sparrows also fell out the nest, so I put him back, poor thing.

Then I fed Cowcow. He looks gaunt - I’m worried I’m doing something wrong. Also, I found a sheep in the middle of the road. Who had left it there? I asked its name and it told me, so I’m going to call it Obaaa-chan. Personally I’d prefer the name Wormy Derrick, since it’s wool appears to be undulating as if pulsating with worms. (translation note: obachan is the word used for elderly women, like grandma, and the middle of the word sounds like a sheep’s baa sound - a localised version might make a similar pun between “maaa” and “grandmaaa”)
Got another bad score on Haiku, tomorrow I’m going to cheat by reading a Haiku book beforehand. I got a lift to the fields near the temple, and then wasted the entire day looking for that stupid bear. I couldn’t find him, but I drew a picture in my book anyway.
After dinner I decided to bath - it turns out that stinky smell has been me this whole time! I didn’t realise this, but I need to bath every day while here, otherwise I leave dirty footprints on the tatami mats. I hope Cowcow is OK.

Boku no natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 9

Monday 9 August. Exercise, breakfast, sparrows then Cowcow. He still looks gaunt. Visited Haiku man and cheated, since I found a Haiku book in aunty’s bedroom, hidden under piles of uncle’s shibari magazines. The Haiku book gave tips, which helped immensely.
Then I went and perfect Yankee Doodle clapping - slow, medium and fast! Fast was the easiest. Afterwards I found the boat owner by the pier. He’d dropped his keys over the side, so I dived in and fetched them. They glowed in the dark like they were radioactive. His name is Sendo-san, and as a reward he took me by boat to a new area. It’s so peaceful! I tried using crayfish as fishing bait but no luck.
I also found a house, but no one was home. This place has a massive lake, so I went swimming for bottle caps. I dived until it was too dark to see and found a magical special bottle cap, that filled my head with music as I swam - it was magnificent. I also found a sunken swan - I’m going to name him Majestic Derrick.

But I got carried away, dived too deep and then passed out. Woke up at the barn.

Too late to do anything else, so spoke to aunty about dinner. She gave me a quiz. If I get the quiz right five times on different days, she’ll give me a rare bottlecap. I think she’s a better cook than mom. After dinner I fed Cowcow again to be safe. A quick bath then off to bed.

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