Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 2

Big news! Uncle’s cow, Ribbon, had a calf this morning! They asked me what I wanted to name him, and I decided on the name Special Cowcow, because it’s funny. After breakfast grandpa said I could use his old fishing rod, so I took it and a slice of bread with me.

Since it was warm I decided to take off my t-shirt and shoes - I was about to do the same with my shorts when I remembered a similar incident at school in the city, where I got into all kinds of trouble with the teacher. Shorts must stay on!

My chores every day are to feed Cowcow using a bucket with a dummy. There’s isn’t enough milk in the main container though, so I’ll also need to milk the cows. Their udders feel kinda funny. Today I couldn’t get enough milk so Cowcow was a little hungry. It was difficult work and by the time I was finished it was nearly sunset, so I decided to go fishing. On the way I found a big beetle on a tree, which I’m going to keep as a pet and name Derrick.

Near the river I met some local kids playing with my cousin Midori - they’re called Michi, Rei and Hayato. Midori and Michi asked me to play skip-rope, but I messed up the timing.

They’re girls and that’s not a boy’s game, so I don’t want to play it again. I couldn’t catch any fish, so instead went to Midori’s secret den in a tree, where her friends all play Beetle Sumo.

I played a few games with my new beetle Derrick, and he won 3 matches. I think I’ve made some good friends. After they left I saw it was 6 o’ clock, and uncle would be looking for me. So to avoid him finding me I jumped from the den into the little dam and went for a cool swim - I also found bottle caps.
Dinner was curry stew with purple potatoes and marinated corn. Afterwards I wanted to catch a firefly, but got lost and accidentally slid down a hill using a cardboard box. By the time I got home it was bed time. I really like it here in Hokkaido.

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  1. Is it wrong that part of me wishes I grew up like that?

    Anyway I changed my mind, this game looks awesome. Hope it comes out here soon!