Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boku no natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 7

Saturday 7 August. After morning chores I decided to explore around Midori’s school, looking for bugs. During the day there’d be no silly fool dressed as a ghost.

I was going to take it easy today, since this evening was going to be the Star festival.
I found an old temple and rang the massive bell. Then I collected so many bugs I’m sure to win beetle sumo now! Beyond the graveyard I found a gate at the top of another massive hill, which I slid down very fast. So fast I thought I was Kiyoshi Akihama the famous Japanese race driver. At the bottom I met Haiku man and he only gave me 40 points. Argh! Then off to the den for beetle sumo. I won 10 games in a row using my praying mantis, so I had to give him a name in a special ceremony. I chose MILKY RAMEN.
Dinner was hamburger, a big salad and corn soup. Afterwards I met the gang by Megumi’s house to start the Tanabata festival - it’s apparently a bit like American Halloween. Megumi had no sweets to give us, but aunty gave plenty. Then we went to the temple and the priest gave us some too.
Then everyone heard a funny noise, got scared and ran off, leaving me behind! I went further in, but found the ghost again, fainted and woke up at the farm.

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