Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 5

Thursday 5 August. Another day without a T-shirt because today is swimming day! Midori has decided to go swimming these next few days by the den. Aunty warned her to be careful of the currents.

Before that though, chores: first I fed Cowcow. Then I discovered a snake bothering the sparrows, so I summoned all my courage and beat it with stick. The sparrows were safe.
By the den all the kids were having swimming races. I beat Midori easily, then I raced Hayato. Rei was difficult though, he won the first race and I asked for a rematch, which I then won. As a reward he gave me a Battle Saiban T-shirt!
Michi can’t swim so I decided to play a hand-clapping game with Yankee Doodle music, but I’m even worse than with skip-rope. Next I explored the dam, and found several bottle caps. At one point I became trapped under some fallen logs, and I thought I would drown, but I made it out having discovered a hidden bottle cap.
I wanted to visit Haiku Man again, but uncle caught me and said it was time for dinner. It was ramen, my favourite, with wakame seaweed. While eating I told everyone about beating the snake, and they were all proud of me. I was so tired from swimming I went to bed early tonight.


  1. mmm
    i was wondering
    would you compare this game to harvest moon?

  2. The more of these I read the more I want a game like this that slowly turns into some bizarre and dark horror story, but doesn't warn the player that it will happen anywhere in the advertising, packaging, or anything else.