Monday, July 12, 2010

Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 - DAY 3

Tuesday 3 August. Fed Cowcow enough today. I also found a brick - I wonder if I can use these to fix the little brick wall by the river?

I stumbled across Haiku man today. He has a truck parked in the road and offered to drive me back home if I wanted. He read me two poems of his, which I gave a score of 60 and 85. Then he asked me to make my own, using elements from his. He gave me a score of 75! I didn’t understand what was happening but it was still fun.
Afterwards I kicked a tree and found another beetle. Then I came to a big bridge with a tunnel, which I decided to explore. It took me back to the dam area where I chatted with my new friends about the differences between Hokkaido and Kyushu. And somehow the girls tricked me into playing skip-rope again. I also caught a fish! He’s small but red - I think I’m going to name him Turbo Derrick.
Dinner was steak and salad, and afterwards aunty told me that Megumi had returned from Sapporo. Aunty says she’s an artist. I met her and I think she looks like a hippy, but she gave me some milk caramel sweets which are yummy. On the way home I check the top of some hay bails and found some bottle caps.


  1. I love how you start each entry with a screenshot of the diary. Keep it up.

  2. >>>I stumbled across Haiku man today. He has a
    >>>truck parked in the road and offered to drive
    >>>me back home if I wanted


  3. I am Haiku man,
    I make you enter my truck,
    So I can keep you.