Monday, January 4, 2010

So what were to happen if livetune never became popular?

We'd get Shake Sphere, although one would pronounce the first word of the artist's name as though it were romanized Japanese sounds (which is a kanji that refers to salmon fish), and not like this.

The cover art for this iTunes release was a quick retouch of the same image used for Sagitarius, (sic) and is one of my most played tracks for this album. However, what originally caught my eye to this artist was by stumbling accross a PV for Polaris a few months before.

Now there are a few discernible differences between kz of livetune fame and how Shake Sphere compose their songs, one of them being that the latter's music compositions sound more playful and nowhere near as depressing as the former's. Another obvious trait is that Shake Sphere tends to go easy on the voice modulation and even has Miku breathe in right before saying a set lyrics as though she was a real person in a recording room. One more difference is that kz doesn't do R&B.

So what's the verdict on this album? Well, I bought it without any regrets even though most of the songs on this album can be found through nicovideo and all of them can be found on the artist's piapro account. Also helps that Overflow (sic) sounds a lot better for the iTunes release too.

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