Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perhaps this is the Annual Vocaloid Week

Remember how in my Project Diva article I mentioned the Korg DS-10 Synthesizer and linked to this video?

That's obviously no feat performed by mere mortals. As a matter of fact, shu-t is a top-tier composer who also happens to like using Vocaloids and Korg products (which explains why he has a DS with that synthesizer software, and you should watch his videos if you want to know the full potential of it). How good is he? He can make a 1st generation Vocaloid sound close to a real person:

Definitely someone they should use in the next Vocaloid rhythm game.


  1. Man I got to get Korg DS-10. it looks like the most sophisticated music making software you can get for like 20$.

  2. shu-t was kind of cheating on the Korg DS-10 song with Miku though, since he's also using a Koss Pad 3, and that's how he was able to produce clean sounds.

    You can get one for 300-ish bucks: