Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mega Man 3 Boss Battle - Unnatural Selection riff

Someone on NeoGAF thought the riff at the end of Muse's Unnatural Selection (from their new album, The Resistance) sounded like Mega Man boss music. I agreed! So I figured I'd try to edit it into a video.

This took more effort than it seems. Mega Man 3 uses at least two of the five channels for sound effects (Square 1 and Noise) which in turn override the music whenever they're played. I needed to make an emulator movie file, record one AVI video with one sound channel on, record another AVI video with the other sound channel on, go through both sound files to edit out the music, and then mix it with the Muse track, which was actually only about 28 seconds, but I think I looped it pretty well. The THUNK sound when Hard Man hits the floor is mostly missing because I think it's played on one of the other channels, but it's no big loss.

It's not exactly revelatory, but there are worse ways to waste an hour.

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  1. Sounds more like Sonic Adventure, but your effort was not in vain as that was HELLA cool, and even though no one else has commented on it, at least SOMEONE appreciates it, right? :3