Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SMT Strange Journey: making skill inheritance less painful

It's looking like Strange Journey, the first SMT game to receive the full Shin Megami Tensei branding in the East since Nocturne(III), will be improving on the time-consuming task of skill inheritance for fused demons.

With a good enough relationship, a demon will potentially pass on a 'demon's soul' before fusion, which will allow their skills to be directly passed on to a new demon.

This seems similar to Persona 1's Spell Card system, which is also headed stateside again in the form of the PSP remake.

Devil Survivor gave this trend a helpful start of being able to choose the skills outright before fusion, though the demons had a very small field to choose from; three for usable skills, three for passive, and one for support.

If Strange Journey allows for the traditional eight skills per demon, this new system could be very helpful.

Strange Journey's Japanese release will be sometime in October.

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