Friday, September 4, 2009

Falcom Translation News - Brandish 4

I'm a few weeks late on this, but apparently a group of people are translating Falcom's Brandish 4, also known as Brandish VT. (Check out the full HG101 Brandish article) They're also doing the fan world one better by remixing the entire soundtrack. The (as of current) final installment of the series ditched screen rotation in favor of an isometric perspective, which is far less headache inducing. I'm not a gigantic fan of the series, although I do think it's kinda cool how they took the mechanics of a standard first person dungeon crawler, made it third person, and introduced real time combat. It's always been a bit weird and futzy, except for the recent PSP remake, which fixes pretty much every problem the series ever had (and should be an excellent candidate for localization, but chances of it being picked up seem slim.) With this, Ys Origin and Xanadu Next coming up soon, English speaking Falcom fans can finally play through games without skipping through all of the text with apathy and frustration.

Also, Ancient Land of Ys member OMGFloofy has started up a Falcom blog called Endless History (the domain name is a reference to the continent which Ys takes place on, while the title is named after the vocal version of the song "Morning Grow (Glow)", the ending song to the first Ys.) So far it's keeping on top of the upcoming release of Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of Heroes) VII, as well as Ys 7 for the PSP, which is coming out in a few weeks. It's also updating on Falcom's weekly special, which bundles together various games and goods at a discount. Falcom games are notoriously difficult to obtain for us non-Japanese, and about the only way to get them is by ordering straight from the company. The shipping is extremely pricey, but you're still getting a decent price overall - the only way you'll get better is either by trawling Japanese used game soft stores or hanging out at the Falcom boards and hopes someone decides to part with some of their stuff.

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