Monday, September 7, 2009

Not quite the MADWorld I was expecting...

A MAD is essentially a music video that either attempts to juxtapose characters from a completely different series into an existing opening video from another or use a song that was meant for something else and make a completely "original" music video with it using characters from a random series.

... Maybe it's better if I just showed you an example of a MAD instead. THE iDOLM@STER has festivals dedicated to this stuff on Nicovideo, and a lot of them are pretty amazing:

And if you're wondering, yes, they literally recorded those animations from the 360 port of the game, somehow pulled them out from the background stage, and did lots of clever tricks to make it look like that. And since Project Diva has been released into the wild, someone decided that maybe it was a good idea to apply this technique using Sega's 3D models of Crypton's Vocaloids. Hopefully events dedicated to this will start popping up more so I can talk about it later:

And with this post, I officially declare Vocaloid Week to be over. Hope you enjoyed my random discoveries.


  1. I remember trying to get Vocaloid Hatsune Miku to work with MAGIX, it didn't sync right due to latency issues so I deleted it.

    Sounds amazing but needs a motherf*cker of a computer to run, or at least something better than the Happy Meal sequencer I was using. Wonder how it works on energyXT?

    BTW: this is the ABSOLUTE best Vocaloid song, EVER, it's called "True My Heart":

  2. True My Heart isn't a good song. If it was, it would've had millions of views on Nicovideo and ended up in Project Diva. Considering that ave;new made the song themselves, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind if Sega did ask them to put said song into the game.

  3. After watching all these videos, I think I became a Miku Hatsune fan somehow...

  4. @dai jou bu, what kind of criteria is that? OH IT'S NOT IN A VIDEO GAME SO I DON'T LIKE IT.


    Really, there's about 7 billion songs not in video games, do you hate them too?

    Find some serious musical criteria about this track you didn't like to back your statement up. You started writing about a piece of music software so I expect you to be able to back it up with a better critcism than "OMG NOT VIDEO GAMEZ".

    BTW the possible reason SEGA will not put this song is is the fact that it's the theme to an eroge.

  5. Do I need to find some serious criteria to back this up? All it needs is a simple comparison between the music found in Project Diva and the song you linked.

    And my article is VERY articulate when it comes to that.

  6. Well, considering we're talking about J-POP (and especially 100% computer generated J-POP at that, I guess it's a matter of picking the least stinkiest out of a pile of dung. After all, every other type of music > J-POP (except for country, country music sucks) so I guess we can agree to disagree, eh?

  7. That second video is so wonderful. Thanks for posting.