Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I guess this will be the beginning of the Annual Vocaloid Week?

There's a lot of artists that Sega didn't pick up for Project Diva. Sasakure-P was one of them, and that Gummy Bear Remix song I linked to yesterday (more like today, since I forgot to publish it last night) is one of his more recent works. His style typically uses chiptunes and hand-drawn sprites that emulate the NES for his Vocaloid videos, although there are exceptions like this one which looks and sounds more 16-bit:

And is half of a depressing two-part video series. The second half is more 8-bit, and despite sounding happy with blue skies and colorful sprites, is still sad:

Maybe this guy's being saved for a DS or Wii release?

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  1. neat! i'm going to recommend you guys saskrotch.