Saturday, June 8, 2013

500-Word Indies: Stay Dead

This week we're covering a full-motion video fighting game! How is that supposed to work, you ask? Well, find out in our review of Stay Dead.


  1. Have these 500word indies replaced the kusages? is there not room for two great series of articles?

    also, may i suggest 'Frogatto', a rather nice platformer that was once free to play but now no more.

  2. There is room for two, but Your Weekly Kusoge is semi-discontinued because we're having trouble getting regular content together (you'll have noticed that it hasn't really been a "Weekly" for quite some time). Sure, there are still legions of unplayable fighters, terrible FMV games and uninspired mascot platformers, but we don't want to end up repeating ourselves too much just with changed game titles.

    When we cover some really interesting but terrible/ridiculous games, on the other hand, we tend to make them full standalone articles, like the recent ones on Final Zone and The First Funky Fighter (soon to be posted on the main site, but already posted on Facebook).

    That said, YWK isn't entirely scrapped, and will be revived occasionally, whenever we can come up with adequate content.

  3. i await it's return with much glee :D
    also, the main site's broken. top box that used to have just the logo now acts as a page within a page. or atleast in ie anyway.

  4. Which version of IE do you use, and what exactly do you have happening? Do you get scrool bars around the header, or are the links acting strange?

  5. ie8, it's scroll bars. i'm guessing it's a framing error. clicking blog from the main page loads the blog within the small area at the top. Chrome works fine. Infact ie is slow to load the blog due to the banner ads (ie is slow to load everything isin't?).

    odd. also the new nights article is missing a few bits of info such as it's original version being released on pc in japan only.

    1. Hmmm I can't find any evidence NiGHTS was released on the PC outside of the HD re-release - nothing on Wikipedia, no products to purchase, etc. Do you have a source?

  6. Hmm, that's a weird bug, and while I don't have a computer with IE8 to test here, I cannot figure out WHY it should happen. But could you test if this variant works better?

  7. >discoalucard "Naka has stated that he created a PC version of NiGHTS shortly after the Saturn version, and assumed it had been released. PC users did not receive this game until 2012 when a version was released for Steam."
    My mistake, I defintatly remember something about a pc release back in 96/97 but prehaps it never did appear.
    Also you could include a note about 'air nights', . definatly remember this, yuji naka wanted a wand type controller but the game never got far.
    the still unreleased 'Rodea the Sky Soldier', by naka again, is kinda like a nights game, i guess, worth a note anyway :D

    that test version fixed the bug, :D

  8. +Update for Derboo!
    while the fix did fix the main site, some article pages still use the old style (like ET and earthbound)

    sorry i didn't notice this before. no idea if you'll even see this so i'll probs post this again next blog post you do. i'd've posted in the new artcile post but there hasn't been one on the blog for months.