Thursday, June 6, 2013

Game Club 199X - The Mid-Year Report

For the past year-and-a-half, Game Club 199X has been operating under the tutelage of HG101, delivering podcasts about obscure games ranging from the Sega Master System to the Game Boy Advance. For those not familiar with GC9X, it was conceived by forum patron Xerxes as a community effort to get gamers playing a game-of-the-month under the proviso of no FAQs whatsoever. The idea would be that as everyone would play the game together, they would help each other out with hints and advice, as well as hand-drawn lists and maps whenever necessary. It has been incredibly fun so far and we don't intend to stop, but we're always looking for more listeners and potential contributors. For those who want to participate in GC9X, register a forum account, head to the GC9X subforum, and vote on the game of the month. And if the game's already been voted for, then feel free to start playing, adding relevant commentary and hints, contribute fanart or music based off of the game, or anything else of which you can think.

For this month of June 2013, the current games up for vote are Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri by Looking Glass (the now-defunct makers of System Shock and Thief), Air Combat (the PS1 port of the first installment in Namco's seminal Ace Combat series), and Ganbare Goemon 2 (the second Famicom entry of Konami's massive Goemon series, which is only super-popular in Japan). For those who are interested in following GC9X, sign up on the forums and follow our thread of the month:

For those who have already been participating and/or listening to our podcasts, thank you for your continued support! And for those who are patiently waiting our slightly-delayed May podcast, John Madden thanks you as well:

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