Saturday, June 29, 2013

That's a wrap! - GC9X Fight 3 Tournament Results

After an exciting month, GC9X Fight 3 has come to a close! The winner of the fighting game challenge is Bobinator, while Snarboo has claimed the score challenge. The two winners of GC9X Fight 3 will soon square off in a post tournament WWE 12 wrestling match to be hosted by site contributor and GC9X guest host WildWeasel. Be sure to check the official GC9X Twitter page for more details and match times!

For those curious, here are the tournament results:

Marvel Super Heroes vs Capcom

Soldier Blade - 5 Minute Score Challenge

1. Snarboo - 1276600
2. BigBangBlitz - 1202800
3. Sotenga - 1047200
4. Doctorallosaurus - 973200
5. Bobinator - 863800
6. TheChosen - 751100
7. EksFaktr - 692100
8. TheGunheart - 674200

Stay tuned for future GC9X events! We have a lot in store for you over the summer months.

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  1. Congrats to everybody who participated (always nice to compete against people I don't know that well personally XD), but especially well done to Bobinator and Snarboo who won the two forks of the contest.