Saturday, June 8, 2013

Join us for GC9X Fight 3: Caravan of Carnage!

In addition to June's current GC9X thread, HG101 is also proud to host GC9X Fight 3! This month's tournament is split into two challenges: competitive and score attack. For the competitive challenge, we have Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, the fourth entry in Capcom's long running Marvel fighting series. For the score attack, we have Soldier Blade, part of Hudson's seminal shooter franchise! Matches are best 2-out-of-3 for the competitive challenge, while the 5-minute Caravan mode will be used for the score attack.

Sign ups are open until June 15th and are available to anyone with an HG101 forum's account! Signing up will enter you in for both games, so be sure to brush up on your space shooting and pugilism skills.


  1. yo yo yo home boys, this is off topic but are you cats ever gonna post some more main game articles? it's been over a month since the last update

  2. Sweet! I remember Soldier Blade from way back when!