Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 save files and links

Click the link for save files and links to all the BnN diary entries.

Those of you who follow the blog know I have a fondness for the Boku no Natsuyasumi series (despite consistently spelling its name wrong). In addition to my diary entries on BnN3 for the PS3, I have no finally put up all 30 save files for the game. One for each day of the holiday. It's on GameFAQs. I was going to put it on Megaupload, but the FBI shut that down. It's pretty much 100%, apart from failing to water grampa's vegetable garden. So if you have the game but find it a little too daunting, hopefully the save files will allow you to dip in and out as you please.

Also, links to all the previous blog entries.

Do you want diary entries?

Mini review

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Days 8-9

Days 10-14

Final Entries

Guidebook Scans - (likely dead due to MU going down)


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  1. I posted a mirror for the guidebook scans on the appropriate blog entry, just in case you no longer have access to the files/don't have the time to re-up the archive yourself.