Friday, July 29, 2011

Chantelise in English now available

EasyGameStation's Chantelise, which we covered back in 2007, has recently been released in English thanks to awesome doujin localizing studio Carpe Fulgar. While the 3D graphics aren't exactly top notch - they rarely are in doujin games - it's a nice little action-RPG reminiscent of Ys that's unquestionably worth the $10 asking price. (It's $9 for the first week of release.) Grab it from Steam or GamersGate.


  1. Wasn't this already released in English a while back by a European company?

  2. Sort of - I'd heard of it from a French company and found it on their web page, though never knew if it actually existed. At any rate, this is in a form that most people can actually buy, so there's that.

  3. Discoalucard is correct in that a French company had an English release in the past-- however, the quality of the English translation left a lot to be desired. Carpe Fulgur's new translation is top-notch and just has so much love put into it.

  4. Saw this up today, nabbed it.

    Fun game, but the aiming on the magic drives me batty. It all fires high and to the right, which means your basic spells miss a LOT of the basic enemies by flying over them.

    Plus there desperately needs to be a way to "suck up" coins. I spend more time running around picking them up than doing the actual fighting.

    That said, it is really fun. Totally worth the tenner.

  5. yeah I found the Euro publisher, DHM Interactive, they seem to have gone out of business though. I can kind of excuse them for the English translation not being very good, since it was a small French company - I'm guessing they probably had to outsource the translation and didn't have any native English speakers on staff to polish it up.

    I just think they're perhaps not getting the credit they deserved. Not to detract from Carpe Fulgur's work - I appreciate any company bringing quality stuff like this to a wider audience, and they've done a hell of a good job of it - but DHM were (as far as I'm aware) the first Western publisher to license Japanese doujin games, even giving them physical boxed releases. you can't say they didn't have any love for what they did - if they were only in it for the money, they would have just gone down the road of every other small European publisher and released endless games about horses and finding hidden objects, but they stuck with Japanese stuff to the end (both doujin & games from more established companies like Irem and SNK).