Wednesday, April 27, 2011


While there hasn't been a peep or even a release date for the US Release of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, the load time ridden, buggy PS3 port of the game,  Japan has a date for the Konami fixed version.  It's also going to be budget priced.

It's getting the dreaded Z rating (18+) and for once that actually means completely uncensored.  It's release date is July 21st, a month before Westerners are expected to pay full retail for it.  That leaves the only reason to wait for the US release is if you absolutely can't stand menus/instructions in Japanese.  Maybe the date and price will change, but I can't recall any time where the Western improved version of game was released in Japan before the West and budget priced.


  1. I was already sold on holding out for Red Zone even before I knew there was a legitimate reason to. My usual sites need to get a move on with preordering.

  2. You might want to consider rewording a few parts of this post. For starters, the initial line states that there's been no word on the US release date of Heroes Paradise. You then go on to say precisely when it's coming out, along with an Amazon link. The second paragraph is also a little unclear. It makes it seem as though the US is receiving Red Zone in August, when it's actually Heroes Paradise.

    At any rate, I loved the original NMH enough to want a version with Trophies (preferably Achievements, but what can you do). It seems unlikely that Red Zone will come to the US, but you never know...

  3. Isn't Red Zone just the Japanese title for Heroes' Paradise?

  4. Red Zone is the Japanese title for Heroes' Paradise! We actually don't know when HP will come out in America. As far as I know the Amazon date is a placeholder.