Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Growlanser IV comes to the PSP. The last chance for the series in the US?

I've been a long-term supporter of the Growlanser franchise.

I bought the ill-fated Generations LE on the day it came out, and the sordid affair of THAT game's release inadvertently lead to Working Designs closing their doors.

After a rather massive(and eventually) wasted effort to help see the never-localized remake of the first game on the PSP brought to the US by Atlus, and with the sixth game equally ignored for localization, the future seemed pretty bleak for Growlanser in the US.

Good thing Japan isn't done yet!

The fourth game just got confirmed for a PSP remake/rerelease in Famitsu.

As before, I'm doing whatever I can to help see this game get a US release.

You can help, too. Every voice counts.

Ask the Tales of community. Fans CAN make a difference.

Let's see if we can't prove it.

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