Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japan News roundup for April 27th 2011

I just like that image.  You're going to see a Kotaku story Kotaku readers about Japan's Nikkei price dropping dramatically.  Which makes sense unless you look at the 3 month average.  What happened in the middle of March?  3DS launch?

Though this may be the last place I'd expect you to learn it from, the hackers that "compromised" the Playstation 3's "protective barrier" probably have your credit card data.

Irem's Doki Doki Suikoden got 5 and 6s in Famitsu.

Nippon Ichi is making a Bikkuriman game with Disgaea characters. official site

Japan DSiWare just released an impressive looking Virtual On clone, Battle of Elemental.

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  1. Cancelled my credit card today. No biggie since I only had 2 months left on it.

    But damn, what about all the foreign accounts people have made? I have 5 in addition to my domestic. I'm worried this could result in a tightening of the rules and the loss of foreign PSN accounts.

    The major shame with this whole fiasco, is that the PS3 was already quite an open and excellent console. There was no region locking, unlike the 360. The online service was free, unlike the 360.

    Why do mean people always have to break nice things?