Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update - 4/10 - Realms of Arkania, Deception, Discworld, and other adventure games

Every once in awhile I get a request for more articles on classic WRPGs. So here is a massive look at Realms of Arkania, which not only details the roots of this German-born series but also its spiritual successors, quite numerous in number. Deception is one of Tecmo's lesser known series, which puts you in the roles of a seemingly defenseless girl behind chased by perpetrators in a huge mansion. Your methods of defense include setting and springing traps, which can smash, stomp, immolate, crush, slice, electrocute, or otherwise murder your foes in all manners of hilarity. Adventure game fans may (or may not) have fond memories of Discworld, based on Terry Prathett's novels. Despite having a number of TV shows and radio dramas, the games are, strangely enough, the best rendition of the series outside of the books. Other adventure games include Touche, a rather obscure comedic take on The Three Musketeers;
Bad Mojo an extremely gross but imaginative game which turns you into a roach; The Shivah, an independent game featuring a crime solving rabbi; Noctropolis, Electronic Arts' homage to comic book heroes; and Inherit the Earth, a cult classic from awhile back featuring anthropomorphic animals, which has resurrected in recent years as a web comic.

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  1. You've probably seen it yourself in the meantime, but Realms of Arkadia got listed under "individual games" instead of "series".