Thursday, April 15, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

Well, I guess I did have some time to spare. Go figure. Hope you have iTunes installed and ten dollars to give to Apple, since you need to download this entire album. Like, now:
I guess "Palmar Blue" sounds a lot better than calling it "The Blue Palms of the Hand" in English.

One of the reasons why I'm telling you to get this now even though this is the most expensive album on iTunes I've referred to you guys so far is that some of the songs have been fixed to sound better for this release. How much better, you ask? Well, compare the original to the iTunes one on the composer's piapro account which came out a few days after this went up on Apple's store, and you should notice that the former sounds too fast and more MIDI-like. You can also check out the original versions of the 2nd and 5th tracks of this album, and after you're done doing so, hit the preview button on the same tracks in iTunes to see how much better they sound.

The other highlight of this album is the fact it has the first original Gumi song I've heard that made me go, "Ohsnap." Seriously, it's really that hard for me to find a composer who can use her well. You want to know how bad it is? This is 1 out of 2 posts songs I can find of someone using Gumi on the HG101 blog iTunes.

Oh, did I also mention that the rest of this album is very, very good?


  1. $10 isn't expensive for an album, especially a good one.

  2. "Goodnight sweetheart" is, except for a small hiccup in the first part of the song, pretty amazing.