Monday, February 1, 2010

Something's wrong here...

I don't mention Miku and these blog posts are not even related to Project Diva for twice in a row, on top of the fact that I'm now going to say that this Extended Play release on iTunes is totally worth the money:

To begin with, the composer makes Luka sing in a completely fictitious language to Seiken Densetsu/Ar Tonelico-esque music. Not only that, but the composer themselves provides the chorus to some of these songs. The composer can also draw, so this person is pretty talented. So go get it.

Oh, and did I mention that all of these songs on this release can also be heard for free on their piapro account? Yeah, there definitely is something very wrong happening in this world. Or at least with me, anyway.


  1. This VOCALOID seems to be way further along technologically than Hatsune Miku, or maybe the composers are just better. It sucks that American VOCALOIDS are so crappy though, why can't they make us a good version?

  2. It's definitely the latter; there's other good Vocaloid manipulators like Shake Sphere (ryo doesn't count) who can create natural-sounding voices with Miku.

    As for the English-speaking Vocaloids, I really can't say much about why they suck, but I'm pretty sure it's because there isn't an English-speaking Vocaloid manipulator out there who's mastered the software yet. The few blurbs of English in Just be Friends is a good example.