Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Extended Play releases are expensive

This iTunes release is called Digital Colors, created by someone named yasuo:

If you can't afford it, the good news is that all of the songs here can be found on nicovideo Smile Video, so you can listen to it there if you want. Now onto the review:

First track- I prefer the translation found in that link I found since the name sounds more Touhou-ish compared to what they put in the iTunes store, as this track sounds like one anyway. The song gets bad further down because it becomes a jumbled mess of tones at that point (like how ZUN tends to do it anyway, so I can't fault the composer for keeping true to the style). In short, it sucks.

Second track- Hey, this sounds familiar... oh yeah, it was part of the Free Play list in Project Diva. Silly me. Also sounds Touhou-ish, but at least it remains focused unlike the previous track. That's probably why Sega picked it.

Third Track- Sounds like the opening song to an RPG that has lots of Blue Skies. I like blue skies.

Final Track- A nice slow-sounding track. It's like, good enough to negate the first track altogether.

Judgement: yasuo should stop emulating ZUN. Also as mentioned in the header of this post, it's kinda pricey, so you really need to either be a Vocaloid fan or have a lot of disposable income to buy it.


  1. How is $4 expensive? 0_o

    BTW I completely agree with you and support the blue skies movement. Of course this means the complete destruction of the American and European game industries (as their games are the chief offenders, and their influence is corrupting Japan; see Konami) but that's a step I'm willing to take for BLUE SKIES! ^_^

  2. Well, 4 dollars is expensive compared to the previous albums I mentioned where you get double the number of songs for about half the price and sound just as good. Not only that, but you can also get the songs for this release I listed here at no cost if you're clever enough.

  3. Clever enough = piracy. Just because it's from another country doesn't mean it's OK to steal.

  4. You're technically not stealing it if the maker of the songs originally uploaded these onto a video streaming website for everyone to see for free and still kept them there even after they put these same songs up for sale without without any sort of improvement to the songs such as the first two tracks to Clean Tears' album I mentioned earlier or livetune's packaged for the commercial release.

  5. I bought this EP off of iTunes yesterday and I have to agree with your opinion of the first song. I liked the "teaser" clips of the other songs, and bought the album. And thank you for the cover art graphic! I was looking for that!