Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rockin Android Podcast - Episode 3

Rockin' Android, the folks publishing Suguri and more doujin stuff in the US has released their third podcast. I'm on it, as is Dave Heineman of Retrogaming with RacketBoy, so please download and listen! We discuss a number of independent games, running from Japanese doujin stuff to Western games, and bring up a bunch of noteworthy games to boot. This was actually released about a week ago, but I wanted to relisten to it to remind myself of all the stuff we talked about - here's a quick list of most of the games mentioned and their relevant links. I have to check some of this stuff out - Babel Sword looks pretty cool in particular.

Metroid 2 Remake
Streets of Rage Remake
Action Doom
Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl
Robocop 2D
ASCII Portal
Babel Sword
Chorensha 68K
Clean Asia
Big Bang Beat
Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Air Rade Air/Trouble Witches
The Shivah
Time Gentleman, Please!
AGS games - Kings Quest / Quest for Glory
Broken Sword 2.5
Elepaper Action

I realize in retrospect that using MegaMari as an example of taking one property and using it in another context, might come off as a bit weird. MegaMari is basically a Megaman game in different clothes, but I think the fact that it doesn't actually use Megaman characters makes it more distinctive than typical Western fan remake, and thus has different expectations. That makes more sense, right? (Then again, there was also that Megaman 7 demake that was quite excellent...)


  1. I'm a big Mega Man fan, but Mega Mari...doesn't really appeal to me. I know that everyone thinks the Mega Man series is WAAY too dragged out, and Mega Man 2 is one of the 5 Mega Man games worth checking out (the generic populace only appears to like MM 1-3, MMX, and possibly MM9). But why does everyone feel the need to ape Mega Man 2? There are waaay too many ROM hacks and clones for that game. Why not copy another Mega Man (and debatably a more worthy one)?

    PS The Mega Man 7 demake looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks for coming on the show! You're a hero to the people!

    Here's a couple things you forgot, from my memory...

    The Crazy Power Disc Perfect official site seems to be down but here's the thread where I met "cez" who sold me a copy of the game...

    Demo of the game...


  3. Also, that super cruel Mario knock-off, Syobon no Action...