Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All 42 ghosts from Metal Gear Solid

I’ve recently discovered that a Chinese forum which had a photo of every ghost in Metal Gear Solid went down, and no one else has such an archive. I also discovered that Jeremy Blaustein was removed from the game – contrary to what FAQ writers say, his ghost is not near the corpse of Sniper Wolf – and I dare the gaming world to prove me wrong. Otherwise, here’s 42 shots of the ghosts.

These were taken by a forumite named WeiZ, also known as Sunye, on the now dead mgscn.com forums. All credit for taking them go to him (though I fully expect other websites to soon claim ownership). If you want to use them, please credit WeiZ/Sunye for taking them, and myself for taking the time to individually upload each one of them.

Sunye states quite clearly (in Chinese) that he could not find Jeremy Blaustein near Sniper Wolf, and speculates as to why. The 42 which he found makes more sense, since it is a round number and fits perfectly onto 6 PS1 memory cards. So why was Jeremy removed? And can you claim to have found him?

Anyway, enjoy! The name goes below the photo.

01. Kazuki Muraoka (not Nakamura, that's part of the opening credits)

02. Tomokazu Fukushima

03. Takanari Ishiyama

04. Nobumitsu Tanaka

05. Kenichiro Shigeno

06. Ryoko Yoshimura

07. Atsuko Ito

08. Takashi Kitao

09. Yoshiteru Kobayashi

10. Kohei Onoda

11. Nobuyoshi Nishimura

12. Ryoji Makimura

13. Masayuki Kobayashi

14. Shigehisa Kozyou

15. Shinji Yamashita

16. Fujimura

17. Yuji Korekado

18. Yukiko Kaneda

19. Daizo Shikama

20. Yoshikazu Matsuhana

21. Hideo Kojima

22. Kunio Takabe

23. Hideki Sasaki

24. Yoriko Shimizu

25. Shiro Mukaide

26. Ikuya Nakamura

27. Yoji Shinkawa

28. Shigeo Okajima

29. Makoto Sonoyama

30. Kumi Sato

31. Scott Dolph

32. Takashi Kinbara

33. Motoyuki Yoshioka

34. Hiroyuki Togo

35. Satoshi Hirano

36. Motosada Mori

37. Kazunobu Uehara

38. Yutaka Negishi

39. So Toyota

40. Mineshi Kimura

41. Ichiro Kutome

42. Takashi Mizutani


  1. In case you guys don't know, Jeremy Blaustein was the translator. People in the entertainment industry ALWAYS find a way to ditch translators... sad.

  2. Knowing the history, it figures how Blaustein doesn't make the cut but Scott Dolph does.

  3. These were very helpful in reproducing a guide to capture the ghost photos (gonna post it on gamefaqs). I haven't been able to get Mori though; the picture looks like it's from the southeastern wall on floor between the two cargo elevators but it's just not working. This is the last photo I need (beside Jeremy's, if it exists).

  4. Yes, the FAQ is great, but how to capture Mori, i'm can't find it!

  5. No way, I came from 2014! BTW, ancient games like these are very... uhmm, how do I say it..? Amusing.

  6. Hi, I come from 2015... lol
    Anyway, I have some updates about Mori and Blaustein's ghosts. I already PM'd the author of this Ghosts FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197909-metal-gear-solid/faqs/68880

    Motosada Mori
    - Images:
    - Location: Cargo Elevator (Middle)
    - Detail: Stand south of the eastern elevator and take a picture of the middle of the southern wall.
    - Note: Tested on the US, Japanese and Integral versions. I couldn't find this ghost on the Integral version, yet it's still present in the game's code.

    Jeremy Blaustein
    - Images:
    - Location: Snowfield
    - Detail: Go back to the Snowfield after defeating Sniper Wolf (her corpse is gone, there's a little wolf running around, etc.). Just south of the Level 6 door that leads to the Blast Furnace, there are five trees placed in the shape of a "M". Stand east or west of the middle tree and take a picture of its root.
    - Note: Tested on the US, Japanese and Integral versions. I couldn't find this ghost on the Japanese version, yet it's still present in the game's code.

    1. You're the greatest. A fellow MGS1 fan thanks you.

  7. I can't find any ghosts on PC version of the game. Does it work on console versions only?

  8. The ghost images thoroughly confused me as a kid, I was slightly terrified honestly . Thank you for this.

  9. NTSC Jap version got Mori, PAL version got Blaustein, NTSC US version got the both. So 42 ghosts for NTSC Jap and PAL versions, and 43 ghosts for NTSC US version. Thanks for everybody for their works, it helps me.