Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comer el puerro no fué una buena idea...

I swear, it wasn't me who did it! My friend told her to!

Now Miku's paying for it.

In all seriousness though, I wasn't expecting this context when I posed it like that in order to get shots of the back since that won't be seen when I put it on the base the figure was designed for.

So what is this, you ask? It's Good Smile Company's (I sincerely hope that you didn't click on that link since you probably have doomed yourself to a life of financial poverty and eternal envy) long-overdue figure based on an illustration by redjuice which ryo used for one of his songs called World is Mine, and in turn, is also the first track of the Free Play list for Project Diva. As for the sculpture itself, it's gorgeous and so well-designed that when you do plop Miku into the provided "stand," it'll hold onto her for dear life so even if flipped upside down, she won't fall out (disclaimer- I've never tried this myself yet nor do I plan on doing that anytime soon). And this is without using those annoying pegs that have to fit into specified holes and are really an eyesore if you're trying to take pictures.

On a side note, I find it amusing that her face looks more Spanish than Japanese for this model.



  1. GOOD FREAKING NIGHT ONE OF THOSE MIKU FIGURES IS $138 (and that's without shipping!)!!!1!

    They are awesome figures, though.

    Japan: My Anti-Drug (because when you get addicted to Japanese stuff, you can't afford drugs).

  2. Woah, where are you looking for these? I got mine for under 100 dollars.