Thursday, December 31, 2009

The phenomenon expands even more

If we were to believe what this guy says about it anyway:

Tripshots was the last person I mentioned in my Project Diva article who has quickly become one of the prominent faces of Miku because of both his excellent 3D models of her as well as how dead serious he is about her mythos. If you checked his website at around the time I created the article, he mentions putting up music for iTunes. And they're all expensive. But they're worth it. Almost.

You can watch his promo vid for this release straight from the creator himself right here. If you want to see more complete versions of the original songs on this release, you can check them out here, here, and here.

But you know what's really interesting about Tripshots? On Christmas Eve of this year, Sega announced that this guy designed the arcade cabinet for Project Diva, which apparently will begin location testing during the middle of January. That explains why I saw a higher-quality 3D model of Miku used for both the Animelo concert and the dance choreography comparison. Guess they didn't want that to go to waste.

And it looks like Namco's going to be in trouble real soon.

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