Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two interesting horror games you can help funding right now

At Hardcore Gaming 101, we're all for promoting cultural diversity in video gaming, and right now there are two opportunities for everyone to help making our gaming world more interesting through the funding of game development from outside the typical regions:

Dreadout is survival horror very much in the style of Tecmo's Fatal Frame series (which the developers openly compare their game to), but transferred into a more contemporary setting where the heroine uses her smartphone camera to deal with the ghosts on an high school trip that went awry. Developed by Digital Happiness in Indonesia, the game also channels Southeast Asian horror flick aesthetics. There's a demo available for download, which is already incredibly creepy.

The funding campaign runs on the niche platform Indiegogo, which explains why the project appears to have a hard time to even reach its basic goal. The way it is set up, Digital Happiness will get the support even if the goal is missed, but Indiegogo's share would be much bigger that way.

Among the Sleep by the Norwegian Krillbite Studio doesn't have that problem as it's on Kickstarter. It started out as a thesis project of a bunch of digital arts students, and is now being polished into a full game. The game seeks to explore the experiences in the nigtmares of a toddler, who still hasn't fully developed a sense of reality, which should hopefully make for some thoroughly surreal events and environments. Getting access to the early alpha build seems to require a rather high tier contribution, but Jim Sterling has recorded a run trough it at The Escapist.

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  1. Did you just post a link to Jim Sterling? Not cool. HG101 is one of the most respectable video game blogs I can think of. Leave the dirt out of it, please.