Friday, May 3, 2013

500-Word Indies: The Adventures of Shuggy

So far this series has been mostly PC-centric, but this week it's getting the first Xbox Live Arcade title (although a Windows version is available as well): The neat platformer The Adventures of Shuggy, done by the same team as Gateways, which we've covered in detail before.

I would have done an overnight review of Sturmwind, since Redspot Games finally managed to deliver it about two years after I placed my preorder... but I don't have my Dreamcast available at the time being, the disc refuses to let itself get dumped, and the Dreamcast emulators all don't seem to take games on actual CD-ROMs (ignoring the question whether they can even run the game). So I guess it's still more waiting for me... what a bummer!

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